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Have you convinced yourself that:

Companies that do not invest in their employees through training and development are missing opportunities: Opportunities to save money, increase productivity and impact the bottom line.

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ďI have found the products developed by AT Impact Consulting to be superior to the multiple other organizations I have worked with in the past.Ē
Chip Wilson
CEO 360 Solutions, LLC

What we do:

AT Impact Consulting specializes in developing powerful, effective training programs.
Whether you are a business in need of a high-payoff training program for your staff, or a presenter searching for the best materials available on the market, AT Impact Consulting will help you accomplish your goals.

How can we help you?

In the past, many corporations had the luxury of a training department, or of a large human resource department skilled in training employees. With downsizing and restructuring, that level of support is today a rarity. Simultaneously, businesses recognize the rewards that come from investing in employees through training and development. Itís a conundrumóone that we can help you solve.

Training Solutions

We design our training programs to fit your needs. Our programs can be as short as an hour or can be a thorough, multiple-day workshop. Training topics include, but are not limited to: