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The Top 100 companies recognized for their exceptional dedication to training their employees provide an average of 53.5 hours of training per employee each year.

Organizations require a variety of training methods to meet employees’ needs. Don’t waste your time and resources training employees with methods that don’t work. Find training that works.

AT Impact Consulting offers a variety of unique training resources. Our customized training programs, self paced study guides, pre-planned meeting agendas, and audio training programs are all designed to help your organization achieve the desired results you are looking for.

Customized training programs (example) include:

Self-paced study guides (example) are designed to decrease the amount of time participants spend in the classroom while still receiving the many benefits of training.

Pre-planned meeting agendas (example) are created to decrease the amount of time spent on researching and developing effective meetings. They are content ready and include all the materials necessary for delivery.

Compact Development Series offers an alternative to classroom training by providing individuals with a 30 minute audio CD (example) and interactive workbook (example).